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Charge Entry

We provide detailed error-free charge entry to secure first-time approved claim submissions. We take the charge info and demographics for each patient from you. Our billers are experts at their trade and enter the charges daily for claim processing. Rabs-RCM audits your charges to ensure proper modification. We also provide up-to-date ICD coding and accurate CPT coding. We function by matching your charges to your appointment schedule to ensure that not a single charge goes unbilled. Mobile clients will be provided with access to a point-of-care charge capture solution that is compatible with their mobile devices.

Versatile Services

Our integrated suite of software is adaptive to all specialities as our knowledgeable team has a perfect set of skills to deal with any task.

Turnaround Time

We ensure complete accuracy, quality and provide our customers with results well within turn-around time.

Productivity oriented

We at Rabs RCM tend to focus on increasing productivity. We use practice management and revenue cycle to increase productivity.

Supportive Staff

Our customer service team is more than happy to assist you at any time.

Protecting Privacy

We provide a foolproof security system to keep all your information safe and sound.

All in One

The support we provide at Rabs-rcm covers all aspects of the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our team will coordinate with you on a weekly/monthly basis to share the progress reports of your practice. Besides, you will also be notified on a daily basis.

No, there is absolutely no hidden cost of any kind associated with any of our plans. You’ll only be billed in accordance with your package.

RABS RCM utilizes one of the best scanning technologies and can accept billing data on paper or electronically.

We employ cutting edge electronic documentation. Our system is foolproof and guarantees security.

For sure ! Our experienced and capable staff will automatically review and resubmit in accordance with the need.

Our team will carry out check in calls on a regular basis in the beginning. Once we have a direction we can communicate once it is necessary.

Yes, we have extensive experience of offering billing on any medical specialities. 

It is actually a time saving way as compared to using paper. We offer commendable services that are faster ways of doing things.

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