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About Rabs RCM

Providing you with the best medical billing services in Rochester USA

We primarily focus on best medical billing with the most experienced team members and industry leaders that are available in the market. With a simple process, it’s a matter of just a couple of days, not weeks, to get your practice onboard. Our dedicated team members and ever-so-committed implementation specialists, get you up and running in a fortnight. Our world-class follow-up team members and medical billing specialists take care of your aged accounts receivables and claims from older dates with a follow-up strategy that is data-based and comprehensive.

We at Rabs RCM will always stay in touch with you and keep you updated 24/7. A dedicated billing team and an account manager are assigned to undertake the responsibility of overlooking your practice who not just help you with your day-to-day billing, but MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Unlike other billing companies, our team answers your calls, addresses your queries, and provides you support in real time with an industry-proven customer and patient-centric approach. We are just a phone call away, and you can simply consider us an extended arm of your office. Our team is gladly available via text message as well as email.

Our Mission

The main objective of RABS RCM is to offer its clients the most precise and best medical billing services in Rochester USA. Focusing on individualized care and communication while offering insurance follow-ups and upholding prompt billing is one of our key initiatives. We can provide you with the assistance of speeding up the processing of your refunds. RABS RCM is the complete solution for medical billing, office support, and electronic health records. Think of us as a branch of your office. We assume the best billing services are provided by a team of professionals with years of coding and billing knowledge. Your claim has always been examined by several members of our staff by the time it is submitted to the insurance. Accountability lowers the possibility of inaccuracy and enhances clean claims, which has always been the top priority of RABS RCM.

Our Vision

RABS RCM ensures to maintain and expand its position as a renowned billing business with a kind of custom care being up to the mark. By the expansion of our customer base, we try to maintain our customers as loyal to the organization as possible by offering the most cutting-edge goods and services to our customers and to run a medical practice in the most economic way is included in our vision as well. Our vision, at RABS RCM, is to create transparent solutions for our clients that can boost cash flow and workplace productivity simultaneously. With our experienced and qualified staff, our ambition is to deal in claims with proper auditing and processing so that the chances of customers claims being rejected, ignored or processed improperly get reduced.


Extraordinary Services

Why You Should Choose Rabs RCM ?

RABS RCM is dedicated to providing quality billing services that add value to medical practices. If you want all claims paid for medical billing, Rabs RCM is the right choice as we have the experts, technology, and commitment to providing our clients 100% customer satisfaction. Our team understands the demographics of this industry and its standards are unsurpassable.

Versatile Services

Our integrated suite of software is adaptive to all specialities as our knowledgeable team has a perfect set of skills to deal with any task.

Turnaround Time

We ensure complete accuracy, quality and provide our customers with results well within turn-around time.

Productivity oriented

We at Rabs RCM tend to focus on increasing productivity. We use practice management and revenue cycle to increase productivity.

Supportive Staff

Our customer service team is more than happy to assist you at any time.

Protecting Privacy

We provide a foolproof security system to keep all your information safe and sound.

All in One

The support we provide at Rabs-rcm covers all aspects of the process.

End to End Medical Billing and RCM from over 50 systems

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